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e are many different 'finishes' available which vary in price considerably. Many couples choose letterpress to compliment their wedding due to its timeless, tactile quality that is the ultimate in stationery luxury. Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life and many guests often keep stationery items along with photographs amongst their most treasured keepsakes.



Letterpress is carried out on antique printing presses and is how all printing was carried out before computers took over. A plate is created from your signed off design and it is attached to the press, inked and as each item is hand fed variations occur making each item unique. It leaves a beautiful and tactile 'debossed' finish which you can feel as you run your fingers over it. Unlike letterpress printing or foil stamping, where ink or foil is actually pressed in to our paper one color at a time And finally there is letterpress which is created by using a polymer plate which is stamped into the paper. It is similar to foil blocking in that it leaves a dent (deboss) into the paper - however it cannot produce the shiney foiled effect. We use a gold ink which is then dusted with a fine powder to create a lovely shiny finish which is not as shiny as foil but all the same very beautiful and more effective than a digital finish. Invariably we use



Digital printing allows for a wider range of colours to be printed. Unlike letterpress it is 'flat' an there are limitations of card stocks available.. , digital printing is flat, and can print multiple colors at the same time.  It is perfect for time sensitive items such as on the day stationery which require printing nearer to your wedding date. It is also used to keep costs down on other key items required to be included such as personalisation and guest information.



There are 2 types of foiling; Digital foiling and Traditional foil blocking.. Digital foiling is the most cost effective method and is produced using a roller to apply the foil to the paper. The appearence is a 'flat finish. The paper stocks are restricted to a more glossy feel as they also need to be laminated to prevent the foil from flaking off. The foil sits ‘flat’ on the card stock.


Foil blocking is produced by creating a metal block to stamp the foil onto the paper. There are a range of foil colours and it can be done on any paper stock. This method of foiling will leave a slight dent on the paper where the foil is stamped onto the paper. The minimum cost for a foil block is £150.00 and the cost is based on the size of the foiled area


The couples I work with are often surprised at how reasonable costs are and how incredible the quality is. This is because I work from my home studio and have no studio overheads to incorporate into my pricing.




Ellie Press LOVES working with couples on their weddings. For couples in the Bucks area you can book a FREE no obligation consultation, where we meet up to review your ideas, wedding themes, colours and we can discuss the options available to suit your budget. Alternatively you can request a high-level quote* using the quick quote form to give yourself an idea of how much to budget for.


*please note there are numerous stock options available so prices will vary depending upon the final products selected.


Opting for alternative card stocks, choosing single colour designs or selecting from one of our pre-designed collections is just one of the ways in which Ellie Press can work with you to keep costs down but ensuring you still get the great products you deserve.




In addition to letterpress wedding invitations, we also design and print letterpress save-the-dates, order of service covers, menus, place cards, gift tags, table numbers, thank you cards, favours for guests and we also digitally print items such as table seating plans.