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Ellie Press and the Environment

ELLIE PRESS is committed to minimise any impact on the environment where possible from its operations.


Tree-free 100% cotton papers are selected for letterpress which are carbon neutral and chlorine free. I also offer a range of alternate papers which are made from the residues from fruits and nuts or even items like recycled coffee cups! Where items are required to be digitally printed, I only use FSC certified papers, which guarantees pulp is sourced from well managed forests and has a socially responsible chain of production. Old scrap pieces of card are kept to make notes and doodle new ideas - nothing is wasted.


My printing press Betsy, was saved from being sent to scrap and fully restored to continue printing as she would have done in the 1800's. She is powered by a foot treedle - no other power source needed other than a little leg muscle!


I use the tinyest amount of ink which is mopped up with old rags left over from items unsuitable to be sent to charity shops. Polymer plates created for invitations are returned to be recycled too.


I package items in recycled tissue (acid free) papers, biodegradable packaging tape and only use biodegradable bags made from corn starch. If I package something in plastic it is because I am re-using it from another source rather than throwing it into the bin!


If there is anything else you can think of that I review then please drop me

an email and I will see what I can do!

Betsy Circa 1895 - Arab Platen Press

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